Learning as a lifestyle 

Learning by quest means the learner thinks as a researcher, discoverer and able to make meaning (find & use) not able to remember and repeat information.

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Educquest program and services provide a robust solution based on learning by quest.

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Imagine students are able to make their own questions,  self-regulation,  foster curiosity and a love of learning.

All of this is possible.

Educquest can help students achieve it.

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Finance skills for children

Finance skills for children

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Learn by Quest

Learn by Quest

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we should think about the learning to be a process not end and to be a lifestyle. This means all people will act as learners throughout life, able to search and find meaning to use it in a positive way.

Heba Abdulljawad

Learning is a joyful lifestyle, if it's not enjoyable, you are doing it wrong. Believe in your everyday messages.

Reham Medhat

“Stay Curious, Keep learning and keep growing. And always strive to be more interested than interesting.” –Jane Fouda

Yasmin Sonbol

Walk in life with an open fresh eye and childish curiosity to know more. Life will always offer you an enriching learning experience.

Amira Mousa

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