Educquest assists schools, educators and parents to shift their thinking about the education process to a learning process based on inquiry. This means the learner thinks as a researcher, discoverer and able to make meaning (find & use).

EduecQuest is a program based on learning by quest,  designed for schools, teachers, parents and the public interested in developing their educational talents, through its training program for teachers, curriculum design services, school counseling and awareness programs for parents.

Educquest programs shift the teaching process to a learning process of discovering new causal relations, with the learner testing them by conducting experiments and making observations, and how do they teach 21st century skills. This means the learner thinks as a researcher, discoverer and able to make meaning (find & use) not able to remember and repeat information. The school works as a learning experience designer and parents help family to be an inspirational learning environment.

Target Audience
  • Individual learners.
  • Teachers.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Training institutions.

We work to provide a conceptual framework for all those who are interested in education to change their mind-setup from teaching to learning experience design.

Based on learning-by-inquiry approach, and the principles of personalized learning, we’ve designed a framework that supports the notion of “learning as a lifestyle” shown below. This framework is compatible with the 21st-century learning skills and can be easily applied in different environments.

Our team

Heba Abdulljawad

Principal & Curriculum Designer

Raksha Sule

Mona Younes

Educational consultant

Rofida Soliman

Instructional Designer

Nourhan Gamal

Projects manager & Instructional Designer

Asma Emara

Story author and curriculum designer

Amena Elsaid

Educational consultant