Module 1: How to design learning experience using design thinking

Program details:

  • Rethinking education
  • How people learn?
  • design thinking in education: Educators as designers
  • How to design a learning experience?
  • Learning strategies & scenarios
  • Applying design thinking in Learning experience design

Learning Objective: Changing the participant’s concepts about education to a new concept that helps them to achieve an inspired learning process. After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Utilize design thinking to design an attractive experience for learners.
  • Utilize tools and resources to define a topic and learning objective.
  • Integrate the needs of reality and future with the learning process.
  • Develop a module using best strategies and practices.

Who is this program for? This program is available to those interested in developing their skills in education whatever their level of expertise: Teachers/educators/ parents / academic supervisors / instructional designers. This course allows educators to understand/use STEM strategy in their work.

No. of participants: From 10 to 15 participants

Coursework: Writing a script – Watch specific videos – Read Specific articles – Workshop activities

Course Completion Project:  The trainee will apply the concepts and skills of the course by designing an educational sequence for a specific topic.