Inquiry-based learning is a process that we can incorporate into many curricul

The curricula design unit designed a curriculum about finance skills for children, based on inquiry techniques.
The curriculum: included:

  1. Instructor guide: Curriculum & performance mapping, learning scenarios (story based), Learning activities (build upon hands-on experience & providing appropriate challenges), the instructional sequence, and assessments.
  2. Student book including 10 stories related to the learning objectives, exercises, home activities, and finance dictionary.

This curriculum is designed for grade three students, to be taught in one term (three months).


  • Asmaa Emarah
  • Ahmad Labib
  • Rania Abu ELmagd
  • Hanaa Ali
  • Hend Abdulaziz

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    يا ريت لو تشاركوا خبرتكم في تصميم هذه التجربة التعليمية المختلفة بما يمكن أن ينفع حد مشتغل بالتعليم إنه يستفيد بها في تصميم تجربة تعلم مختلفة.

  • su-educquest says:

    شكرَا جزيلًا لتعليقك، تم تسجيل بريدك الإلكتروني، وسنتواصل معك قريبًا بإذن الله

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