Today, facilitators at any educational organizations need to learn how to create an attractive experience for learners to achieve their personal and professional goals. This course helps them to define their learning experience and develop a module using the best strategies and practices. Also, it educates them on how to change their teaching process to a learning process of discovering new causal relations, which the learner can test by conducting experiments and making observations, and how they could teach the 21st-century skills, so that the students become capable of meaning making (find & use), rather than just being able to remember and repeat information.


Module 1

How to design learning experience using design thinking     

for educators

This program builds the participant’s knowledge of how to create and design learning experiences with the use of design thinking.

 Module 2

The art of Question in Education

 for educators/parents

This program is about how to teach students to ask their own questions; i.e. the art of question formulation techniques, and how to use it in the classroom.